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What Makes Us Different?

Most pay per call companies implement two different methods to drive leads to businesses. Method #1)  They utilize multiple local advertising platforms where the lead generation company actually pays for and receives the lead. Then they mark it up at least 100% as they give it to you.  The flaw in this model is that it’s not that difficult for most small businesses to use those local advertising platforms themselves at a much cheaper rate. Another flaw in this model is that the lead flow is limited and the leads are of low quality. Method #2) Using a combination of the above techniques along with telemarketers, the leads are re-sold to multiple businesses which creates competition for each lead.    

How We Do It And Why It’s Better

Market Analysis  The first step is determining if a pay per call for contractors model is right for you. We begin by determining if we can drive enough leads to you. We will look at the competition online as well as demographics, demand for your service and your business model as well as doing extensive keyword research in your niche. If we believe there are areas we can exploit, It’s On!   Website Construction Also gone are the days of putting up a website and ranking just because you did it. Today, websites that produce a high return are complex platforms designed to not only rank for a few, but hundreds of keyword combinations. That ultimately is what will drive returns. They also need to be constructed in a way to entice your visitor to take action. With our pay per call for contractors model, each client recieves a tailored website built by us, (at no cost to you) that will drive only high quality leads for the jobs you want and specialize in.   Analysis Once a website begins to produce leads, the real work begins. Analyzing which keywords are driving traffic, which are the most profitable and which need improvement is critical in the success of a steady stream of quality leads.. This is what turns an average website into a cash cow. By utilizing our lead generation model you’ll always be sure someone has your back. We actually have skin in the game, which is why we emphasize analysis.

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